Les Chevaliers du Vent


From run to summit…

“In the mountaineers’ jargon we use to speak about ‘mountain run’ when we go out in the mountains… Why not adapting the spirit and ingredients of mountaineering to running races and doing it in the Himalaya? I simply think it’s a great idea. Rather than going for a dangerous and exhausting challenge at more than 8,000 meters, facing hypoxia and sometimes death, the trails of Himalayas are much more accessible and a unique playground.” These are the words of Jean Afanassieff, who reached the summit of Mt. Everest (8,850 m) in 1978.

Since 2003, after each Everest Sky Race, runners have the opportunity to climb a summit: Mera Peak (6,450 m), Pacchermo (6,272 m), Imja Tse (6,189 m), and Lobuche Est (6,119 m). Runners liked the idea of finishing the race on a summit. Pascal Beaury Sherpa explains: “Climbing a summit in a light and fast way just after the race is a nice bonus and makes a lot of sense: one evolves in the same environment, acclimatization is optimal, people suffer less and are more efficient. We run light and then we climb light. Alpinism is a technical sport too, even if the physical commitment is higher. Running and climbing are quite similar: both involve contemplation and effort, both open the mind.”

Summits climbing is optional for runners and hikers participating to Everest Sky Race.One can also join the alpinism team without running the race before, and should acclimatize before. Teams are composed based on each one’s level so that everybody can go at one’s pace.

Jean-Marc Wojcik, Emmanuel Rémy, and Pascal Beaury Sherpa represent the Alpinism section of the Chevaliers du Vent.

Summits reached by the Chevaliers du Vent:

  • Mera Peak (6476m), 2003
  • Pachermo (6273m), 2008
  • Island Peak ou Imaj Tse(6189m), 2009
  • Lobuche (6119m), 2011
  • Tukuche (6,920 m), 2013

Upcoming summits :

  • The Dhampus Peak (6,012m) is foreseen for October 2017 (following the AMT 2017 (Mustang) race).


Photo Album – History : here




Video – Expedition Tukuche (6920m) – Jean-Marc Wojcik – 2013 (20’45)


Video – Climbing to Lobuche (6119m) – Jean-Marc Wojcik – 2011 (14’14)


Vido – Climbing to du Lobuche (6119m) – Marie Sergé – 2011 (05’21)