Les Chevaliers du Vent


Carrying one’s own equipment is the rule rather than the exception during races organized by ‘Chevaliers du Vent’.

For Annapurna Mandala Trail, Everest Sky Race, and Himal Race, runners have to carry their own equipment. Only walkers have porters.

The only race where runners only carry a small bag is Annapurna Ultra-Mountain as it is the case in most single stage trail running races and ultras in Europe.

Porters may carry some equipment however, like mattress or helmet, on a case-by-case basis depending on conditions.

Mandatory equipment is listed below:

    • backpack,
    • sleeping bag (-10°C),
    • rain jacket (Gore Tex or equivalent),
    • survival blanket,
    • headlamp with spare batteries,
    • whistle,
    • mirror,
    • first-aid kit including strap and personal drugs (participants should be autonomous enough to take the drugs they may need against usual infections in Asia and in the mountains),
    • mandatory drugs (a list of will be sent to participants prior to the race),
    • two-liter flask,
    • carabiner,
    • crampons (i.e. Petzl Crab 6 are authorized)
    • three (3) meters of dynamic rope (8 mm section),
    • emergency food intake of 2,000 calories.

Poles/sticks are recommended.

The participant is free to carry any additional equipment.

Temperatures are not extreme in Nepal but can vary between -10°C at night in altitude camps and 30°C during the day in the hot valleys. Highest and lowest temperatures recorded so far have been 40°C in Khudi (900 m) in April 2004, and -27°C in Thorong Pass (5,420 m) in March 2003 during the day.

Benoit Laval (Raidlight) participated twice to Annapurna Mandala Trail (2nd in 2009, 1st in 2010). Thanks to his experience in trail running, stage races, and as equipment manufacturer, he put up a typical set of equipment (see details in French here) that you could use as a basis. You can then adapt your equipment depending on the gears you already have and what you want to carry.

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